Alveseters Vårlys Ifra Cora – «Frigg»

Date of birth: 23. March 2013
Sex: Female
Dam: N uch Alveseters Celeste Corramos
Sire: Golden Water’s Bob Mo’s 1st SeaDSC_0479

Weight: 22 kg
52 cm

JDCM: Carrier
PRA: Normal/Clear
 Clear by parents

Frigg is my first Portuguese Water Dog and the start of my dream of becoming a breeder. She was wanted and planned for well over a year before she came to me from Hege Greiner and kennel Alveseter in Drammen Norway. I fell in love with the biggest and toughest bitch in a bunch of 15 puppies, she marched around like a little soldier and did not stop for anything. Her name is inspired by Norse mythology and the Goddess «Frigg», who is married to the God «Odin».

(Photo of Frigg from the mythology, source here)

Even though being a bitch in the upper size according to the breed standard, she is still athletic and quick as lightning. She gets «puppy kicks» daily on our walks and has a large stock of energy. Despite this she can easily handle a few days without much exercise, and that without protests and bustle. She really enjoys to pull when we go skiing and loves to be part of everything we do. She has from day one been a working machine and been eager to learn everything I have presented to her.

Frigg is a social dog and loves all people who comes to visit us, but is uninterested in the people we meet outdoors. She is easy to have off-leash and get along with all dogs – old and young, big and small. She is just non-problematic to deal with, even though she sometimes can get a little impatient if we stand still for too long during a walk. In such situations she usually express her opinion of this quite loudly. When there is something going on, she can not sit or stand still. She is without doubt a lady with some pretty strong opinions and demands justice every time, so cooperation is much easier with Frigg than the opposite.

She never says no thank you to plunge into substances of H2O, doesn’t matter if it’s sea water or mud ponds. She also has a strong urge to fetch things, that has always been there, and she always needs to fetch something whenever she is greeting someone. It is her way of expressing happiness! Frigg is not scared of either gun shots or fireworks. If she experiences an unfamiliar sound or movement, she can bounce at first but is there to investigate the situation in the next second. She has a moderate level of guarding, never barking on guests or the doorbell – but always lets us know if she hears something outside the house at inappropriate times.

Frigg has been more than I could ask for, she is my inspiration and my basis for how I want my breeding program to take form. Frigg has started official competition in both agility, agility jumping and obedience class.

See more photos of Frigg in her gallery!

Show Results:

(Newest to oldest)

09/05/2015, NKK Ålesund. Judge: Rui Oliveira. Excellent, 2nd Best Bitch Open Class.

26/04/2015, Sunndalsøra. Judge: Børge Espeland. Excellent, 1 best female Open Class.

04/25/2015, Sunndalsøra. Judge: Ronnie Tolson. Very Good, 2 Best Bitch Open Class.

05/03/2014, NKK Ålesund. Judge: Ricky Lochs-romans. Excellent with CK, 1 Best Junior Bitch, 4 Best Bitch Class.

04/27/2014, Sunndalsøra. Judge: Calin Simu. Excellent, 1 Best Junior Bitch.

26/04/2014, Sunndalsøra. Judge: Mr C Laverty. Excellent with CK, 1 Best Junior Bitch, res.CC, 3 Best Bitch Class.

27/10/2013, Letohallen. Judge: Francisco Rodriguez Rviz. 2 Best Bitch Puppy.

26/10/2013, Letohallen. Judge: Anne Livø Buvik. 2 Best Bitch Puppy.

31/08/2013, Batnfjordsøra. Judge: Bjørn Stene. BOB.

10154499_10152400984665309_5320417338081191429_nNKK Ålesund 2014
10150804_10152345726396357_1430729193779410936_nSunndalsøra 2014
Sunndalsøra 2015.

Frigg has received minus points due to her short fur in all three judgments so far in 2015. That is what happens when you sign your dog up and think the fur is growing faster than it actually does! Very good criticism on the exterior of her besides from this.